Packers might benefit from underrated free agency CB Michael Davis.

– Michael Davis, former Chargers cornerback, could offer depth to the Packers' cornerback roster, addressing their offseason needs.

– Derrick Ansley, Packers' defensive pass game coordinator, coached Davis in Los Angeles, adding familiarity to a potential move.

– Davis, undrafted in 2017, has showcased durability, playing significant defensive snaps consistently.

– During 2021-2022, Davis excelled, allowing a low completion rate of 53% on 160 targets, with 20 pass breakups and 2 interceptions.

– In 2023, Davis maintained decent performance despite a slight decline, still offering valuable depth.

– Projected contract for Davis is modest, at $4.6 million over two years, fitting into the Packers' budget.

– Davis's addition would bolster cornerback depth, crucial for a team with uncertainties in its current roster beyond top players.

– Packers may still need to address the slot cornerback position, potentially through both free agency and the draft.

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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