--Photographer develops film using weed, in a world’s first--

Dmitri Tcherbadji, a photographer in Vancouver, Canada, made this ", an international day commemorating the smoking of cannabis, unforgettable.   

Dmitri, a writer for the Analog Cafe website, used cannabis in an unusual experiment with photography  

He has developed "Sativa Cannanol," the first film developer in history made from cannabis flowers.  

Considering that commercially generated chemicals have historically been used in black-and-white film production, this revelation is intriguing.  

In addition, alternative, DIY developers like Caffenol—which is created with instant coffee—are commonly used by photographers.   

Dmitri made the decision to explore with cannabis because he was intrigued by the notion that films may be made using a variety of organic materials.  

He thinks he may be the first person to use cannabis to develop 35mm film.  

For comparison, one of the most well-known homemade solutions is Caffenol, a developer created from coffee, baking soda, and vitamin C.  

A few photographers have also experimented with recipes that call for unexpected components like wine, beer, garlic, and others.  

Dmitri is inclined towards cannabis for two key factors. Firstly, cannabis is rich in phenols, which are chemical compounds commonly used in film developers. Secondly, with legalization becoming more widespread, particularly in Canada, 

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