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In many cases, they have the ability to distort one's perception to the point where it conflicts with reality.  

In addition to messing with people's heads, these illusions test their comprehension of how they make sense of the environment.    

Despite how terrifying it seems, optical illusions aren't necessarily scary to look at.  

They are frequently utilized in IQ testing to ascertain a person's IQ levels and can take the form of puzzles.   

Patterns in geometry, interactions between colors, or confusing figures are all examples of optical illusions.  

They may manifest in a physical, physiological, or mental form.   

Due to the useful information they convey about the human visual system, academics have been preoccupied with studying these illusions for quite some time.    

These illusions show how our perceptions shape our reality and how we can alter our perceptions of the world merely by changing our point of view.   

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