Randy Travis Looks Ecstatic Visiting 'The Price Is Right' Set

It appears like Randy Travis will be able to cross something truly amazing off his bucket list.  

The popular game show The Price Is Right's set was recently visited by the country music artist, who captured the exciting day on camera in a brand-new TikTok video that demonstrated how thrilled he was to be there.  

Travis appeared overjoyed in the video posted on Monday, February 26, when he and his spouse Mary Travis arrived at the program's studio.  

Here, the 64-year-old artist had the opportunity to meet presenter Drew Carey and snap pictures from behind the well-known participant podiums. 

He was seated in the first row and had the opportunity to watch the program while sporting one of the name tags that the audience members always wear.  

Travis said in the description of his TikTok clip on Monday, "I was honored to be in the audience of a show i watch almost every day," adding that the episode that airs on Tuesday, February 27 will contain his participation in the audience.  

"Thanks, Drew!" he exclaimed, then he urged his followers to tune in to Tuesday's episode of @The Price Is Right on @CBS so they might recognize a familiar face.  

Fans of the country artist Travis were ecstatic to see him out and about, appearing content as always as his wife propelled him in a wheelchair around the studio. 

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