Raspberry Lemon Overnight Oat

These raspberry lemon overnight oats are made with rolled oats, yogurt, protein powder, lemon zest, and fresh raspberries for a protein-rich, delightful breakfast.  

If you didn't already know, I love overnight oats! I have over 20 recipes on the blog and counting, and my most recent creation is these raspberry lemon overnight oats!  

This slightly sweet, slightly tangy meal features oats, vanilla protein powder, Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries, and a splash of lemon for the ideal summer morning!  

If you've never prepared overnight oats, you may be wondering what they are! Essentially, it is a no-cook way to eat oatmeal.   

Instead of heating oatmeal on the stove or in the microwave, soak them in milk. Overnight, the oats absorb the liquid and soften. The next morning, you'll find a great meal ready to eat!  

Old-fashioned rolled oats are ideal for overnight oatmeal recipes! Quick oats/instant oats get overly mushy, while steel-cut oats do not soften sufficiently.  

Oats are inherently gluten-free, however they are frequently cross-contaminated, so be sure to buy certified gluten-free, old-fashioned oats!  

I prefer unsweetened almond or oat milk, but any dairy-free or ordinary milk will suffice.  

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