Rebecca Ferguson's upcoming film is the fantasy genre's John Wick replacement.  

Rebecca Ferguson will return to the imagination for a John Wick-like fantasy film after Dune: Part Two's critical and economic success.   

Rebecca Ferguson, 40, has dominated the sci-fi/fantasy industry with her greatest films and TV shows based on popular sci-fi novels. She recently appeared in Hugh Jackman's sci-fi movie Reminiscence and will star with Chris Pratt in Mercy in 2025.  

Following her debut in Rogue Nation, Rebecca Ferguson became famous worldwide as Ilsa Faust in Mission: Impossible. Her amazing performance as Lady Jessica in the Dune movies has increased her popularity.   

Dune: Part Three is in development, although her character may not be important, allowing her free to star in her own epic exploits. She supposedly led a 2023 adaptation of Joe Abercrombie's Best Served Cold.  

Best Served Cold is a standalone novel in The First Law series, a "grim dark" fantasy with gory action, fascinating characters, and intricate political issues.   

The book series is great, and Best Served Cold is one of the most action-packed, making it ideal for a film adaptation.  

Rebecca Ferguson will play Monza, a mercenary leader deceived by an aristocratic nobleman and seeking revenge. A film adaption may be a fantastical John Wick.  

While Best Served Cold is a brutal, bloody story, the film shouldn't just be an action movie. An adaptation should showcase Joe Abercrombie's intricate world-building and character development.   

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