Review of Rebel Moon Part 2: A tedious science fiction slog  

Rebel Moon Part 2: Empty feast: Scargiver. Explosions, sci-fi cliches, and pointless exposition are unrelenting.  

However, it outperforms Zack Snyder's Netflix sci-fi epic Rebel Moon: Part 1 - A Child of Fire. (What do these titles mean?) Who cares.)  

After finishing the tedious table-setting, Snyder may shine in Rebel Moon: Part 2 with countless battles full of slow-motion action and heroic stances.   

It's cool, but I wish it added up. Anything.  

See Rebel Moon as Star Wars meets The Seven Samurai if you missed the first film.   

Sofia Boutella is Kora, a former elite soldier of a terrible empire who hides in a too-perfect farming community, planting and harvesting.  

When military thugs assassinate the village head and threaten a young girl, Kora goes on a murder rampage (in defense!), leaving the town vulnerable to retaliation.  

In the first film, she recruits a fallen gladiator (Djimoun Hounsou) and a fierce swordswoman (Doona Bae) to defend the community.  

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