Rihanna Reveals the Plastic Surgery Procedure She Wants to Get

Since having two children, the "Lift Me Up" singer is pondering plastic surgery. She has boys RZA, 22 months, and Riot, 8 months, with A$AP Rocky.   

"I want my titties pinned back to my shoulders, right where they used to be," Rihanna told Interview on April 9. I refuse implants. Just a lift. I heard you may have scars, but I haven't done enough research."   

Although the Fenty Beauty founder is open to upgrading girls, she would stop there.

"I don't want to ever have a tummy tuck because I don't want a new navel, and I don't want that scar, right?" she said. I fear knives too. If I had to choose, it would be my boobs.   

The 36-year-old didn't rule out a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), but she understands there are other ways to tone her derrière. She said, "I can, like, squat and get an ass, hopefully."

As for why Rihanna revealed her "tits and BBL fantasy," she said having two kids has transformed her physique.

You get that when you're pregnant," she said of fat transfer. "Third-trimester cellulite is serious. The weight of your baby and uterus is on your thighs, so you see ripples in unexpected areas."   

"Dressing for pregnancy was such a piece of cake," she told British Vogue in February. "How do you dress postpartum? My first week home from the hospital was sweats and hoodies."   

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