Sam Heughan Once Teased He Knows How 'Outlander' Will End!

Sam Heughan is emotional about Outlander's eighth and final season coming to a conclusion.   

During The Land Con 6 in Paris, Heughan discussed how he is dealing with the series' conclusion after nearly 11 years.  

"It's incredibly difficult for me. Heughan said that the ensemble gathered around a table for a read-through of the episode, which was a unique occasion.  

"We were on a castle set, so we're in this magnificent castle in the studio, and they had a bagpipe player…  

they were playing 'The Skye Boat Song,' the theme tune, and I just… I was gone, I started crying."  

I completely understand that emotion, especially given that Heughan has been on this show for more than ten years.   

Even Heughan had no idea how popular Outlander would become.   

Diana Gabaldon's series and books have inspired international travel, Outlander-themed weddings, and much more.  

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