Scientists say they have found a chapter of the Bible hidden under a section of text for more than a thousand year

A scientist claimed to have discovered a Bible chapter that had been lost for more than 1,500 years.  

UV photography was employed by researchers to identify the text, which was obscured by several revisions.  

The manuscript, according to researchers, is a "gateway" to comprehending different stages of the Bible's development.  

Researchers claim to have discovered a prehistoric copy of a Bible chapter that had been concealed for more than 1,500 years beneath a stretch of text.  

The discovery was first reported earlier this year by historian Grigory Kessel of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in a peer-reviewed paper   

Using ultraviolet photography, according to Kessel, he was able to view the older text beneath three layers of words written on a palimpsest,  

old document on which people had previously written over other words but frequently left behind remnants of their original handwriting.  

Because parchment was scarce in ancient times, palimpsests were employed instead. The substance would be repeatedly written with words until the concealed words underneath were covered by multiple layers.  

According to a press statement from Kessel, the text is an expanded, previously unpublished version of Chapter 12 in the Book of Matthew.  

The manuscript offers a "unique gateway" for researchers to understand the earliest phases of the Bible's textual evolution, according to the news release, and shows some differences from modern translations of the text. 

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