Shohei Ohtani scandal: Ippei Mizuhara's criminal complaint's biggest surprise

Baseball has been buzzing about Shohei Ohtani and his fired interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, for a month. Lack of clarification has fueled intrigue and speculation.  

After weeks of contradicting stories and unanswered concerns, the U.S. government released its criminal charge against Mizuhara on Thursday,  

clarifying the situation. Mizuhara may serve 30 years for stealing over $16 million from the Dodgers star.  

In the 37-page Mizuhara complaint, those statistics are just the beginning of the crazy charges.   

The brazenness of Mizuhara's alleged crimes and the degree of power he was given by Ohtani's protectors stand out.  

ESPN discovered two $500,000 wire transfers from Ohtani to an accomplice of Mathew Bowyer,   

a federally investigated bookie. Mizuhara was accused of stealing $4.5 million from Ohtani to pay Bowyer.  

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