Stephen King Expands on Remarks Made by Marjorie Taylor Greene

Author Stephen King has persisted in disseminating other people's deplorable portrayals of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene,  

even in the days following his social media post that earned the Georgia Republican the nickname "Moscow Marjorie."  

After the House passed a bill on Saturday aiding Ukraine, Greene has attacked members of her own party.  

The United States has been a vital friend of Kyiv as it fights the full-scale invasion that Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated in February 2022.  

The bill passed on Saturday will provide over $60 billion in foreign assistance to help replenish Ukraine's  

GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana was eventually able to approve legislation that would help finance Ukraine by a vote of 311–112, with a significant  

Democrats supporting Republicans in the process. This came about after months of Congressional pressing for the issue to be taken up.  

the Ukrainian flag on the floor of the US House of Representatives while we are doing nothing to safeguard our border."  

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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