Sugar-Free Keto Banana Pudding  

Bananas and custard are carb-heavy. But a few easy ingredient changes make this sugar-free banana custard a keto pleasure.  

Egg yolks make this custard recipe not custard. More pudding-custard. The outcome is so creamy and wonderful that you won't care what it "technically" is. Just know it's tasty!  

It's also simple to make. After mixing on the heat, the custard chills until ready.  

It's also healthier than store-bought sugar-free custard bites with Splenda or aspartame. They also employ high-carb thickeners that keto dieters should avoid.  

However, this sugar-free banana custard recipe uses only natural ingredients to make a delicious dessert in minutes.  

Heavy whipping cream thickens custard. Half and half will work, but it won't be as thick or rich.  

Egg yolks bind and thicken everything.  

I sweetened the custard with erythritol and monk fruit. The balance was ideal. A third cup of any one-for-one sugar substitute works.  

You need thickening. Xanthan gum is my favourite, although guar gum works 1:1.  

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