Support for the Duchess' new product comes from "eye rolls" and "pro-Meghan parades," among other things.

The Duchess of Brighton's new product, according to royal analyst Kara Kennedy, has gotten a lot of support from the "pro-Meghan parade"  

"absolute eye rolls" from the rest of society.  

Meghan Markle has shared pictures of a strawberry jam jar on social media, giving fans a sneak peek at her new company.  

This week, the Duchess of Sussex presented the item and gave jars of her preserves to a number of socialites and influencers.  

Ms. Kennedy said to Sky News Digital Presenter Gabriella Power, "Finally, she's officially started the PR for the long-awaited brand,  

American Riviera Orchard - the most ridiculous... brand."  

"It's gotten a lot of support from the pro-Meghan parade, but everyone else has just given it the cold shoulder."  

Meghan parade and then just absolute eye rolls from everybody else.”

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