Swifties Did Quick Math and Think ‘Tortured Poets Department’ Will Be Taylor Swift's Euro Tour New Era  

Two weeks till Taylor Swift's summer European Eras Tour.   

Since her last Eras event, Swift has released her fastest-selling album, The Tortured Poets Department, a 31-track collection that has broken records in its first week.

Naturally, Swifties want to know if TTPD will join Eras when the already jam-packed three-plus hour extravaganza returns on May 9 with the first of four gigs at Paris'.....

....Paris La Défense Arena? Easter eggs are always there if you've played this game long enough.  

Swift has not reacted, however on Thursday night (April 25), she published a 15-second YouTube Shorts film that appeared to show TTPD in rotation.  

The video for the album's first song, Post Malone's "Fortnight," has Swift singing, dancing, and playing piano in Lover and Folklore-style setups.  

One quick-cut attracted attention. Swift appears briefly next to a silver railing that fans recognized as the TTPD insignia. No chill about this news.  

“Guys, the railing says TTPD!?!;);$!; The eras tour will feature the TTPD logo, tweeted one Swiftie.   

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