Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce choose sushi date night over Coachella scene

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, decided to spend a quiet evening at one of Swift's favorite restaurants in Los Angeles on Friday night instead of attending the Coachella celebrations.   By Aliza

Instead of going to the event to support Swift's friend Lana Del Rey, as was expected, the couple chose to go on a private adventure away from the throng.  

The music sensation and Kansas City Chiefs player were spotted strolling hand in hand out of Sushi Park.   

Swift and Kelce spent a peaceful evening dining at a well-known Los Angeles Japanese restaurant that is well-known for its omakase-only menu and stringent no-photos/no-videos guidelines.   

The fine dining establishment is open from Tuesday through Saturday only, with limited evening hours of 5:30 to 8:30p.m.   

While Kelce looked stunning in an olive green outfit with black sneakers, Swift looked chic in a red varsity jacket with white racing stripes, teamed with a dark top and denim skirt.  

Though the couple did not attend Coachella's first weekend, there is talk that they may attend the second weekend, which is set for April 19–21.   

A source claims that during a recent dinner meeting, Swift and her pal Lana Del Rey talked about their plans for Coachella.  

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