Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Hold Hands at Las Vegas Gala

In support of friend and teammate Patrick Mahomes' charity, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce attended a Las Vegas gala on Saturday night.

Swift sold $80,000 worth of Eras Tour tickets during the elegant dinner and cocktail reception at the 15 and Mahomies Foundation Golf Classic.

Social media users shared some images and videos of Swift and Kelce from the occasion. One fan said in the caption of a video on X, the former name of Twitter,

that the two were "super adorable" and "down to earth and kind."

 Just T Swift and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce," said one of the other guests. And they look so cute together. So humble & compassionate.... Simply amazing, terrible, awful people.

In another video, auctioneer Harry Santa claimed that Kelce was the one who "convinced" Swift to donate four tickets to her wildly successful event.

Santa also posted a selfie of the two of them on Instagram Stories.

"This is crazy—who would really pay hundreds of thousands of dollars simply to know that Taylor Swift is genuinely rooting for you as you win four of her tickets! Come on, let's go!

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