Taylor Swift fans prepare to decode clues in new album

Taylor Swift is known for incorporating Easter eggs and hidden clues in her music and album releases. 

Fans are always on the lookout for these hints in her music videos, album artwork, and lyrics. 

Each release often prompts a flurry of theories and analyses from Swift's devoted fanbase. 

Her upcoming album might contain references to past works, personal experiences, or future projects. 

Fans may examine everything from the order of songs on the tracklist to visual elements in her music videos for potential clues. 

Swift's playful relationship with her audience through these hidden messages adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to each new release. 

The fifth song on the list is titled "So Long, London." Swift has set aside this position for the album's most significant song.  

This song might be a reference to London Boy, which is a prior track from her album Lover and talks about visiting the city with Alwyn and his buddies.  

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