Taylor Swift ‘Likes’ Theory Links ‘Fortnight’ Music Video with ‘Dear Reader’

Fans of Taylor Swift are becoming experts in their own right by studying her clues and taking inspiration from her.  

On Friday, April 19, 34-year-old Swift released the music video for her debut single, "Fortnight," off her album The Tortured Poets Department.  

Analyzing every shot in the video, which included Post Malone and Josh Charles and Ethan Hawke from Dead Poets Society, one sharp-eyed Swiftie noticed a link to one of her songs from Midnights.  

At one point in the film, Swift flings open file cabinet drawers and stands in a gothic black dress, burned papers drifting about her.  

"ALISON TAYLOR SWIFT, YOU DID NOT." One X post featured a still from the video and said, "HOLY S—T I AM NOT PREPARED AND I AM SO PSYCHED #TSTTPD."  

Along with the words, the social media user posted a screenshot of Swift's song "Dear Reader," which included the line "Burn all the files Desert all your past lives."  

Swift seems to endorse the hypothesis, as seen by his "like" on X.  

After the release of her eleventh album, Swift seems to have taken some time to browse around social media, "liking" everything from memes suggesting that TTPD should be used in place of treatment to compliments for her "insane" music video. 

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