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Tesla layoffs: Indian-origin woman laid off by Elon Musk says it's a ‘significant transition’ | Trending

One of the people Elon Musk let go in the most recent wave of layoffs at the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer was a woman of Indian descent.  

The engineer, who has only been with Tesla for a little over a year, made the announcement on LinkedIn and said the layoffs affected 75% of her team.  

As a member of the Tesla family, I went through a major shift yesterday.  

I must inform you, with great sadness, that our team has recently been laid off, affecting 75% of our members, myself included," she wrote in a post.  

During her brief time at the organisation, she detailed her accomplishments and duties.  

According to her, the experience has been incredibly motivating, as it has presented her with numerous difficulties that have helped her develop emotionally and professionally.   

She was appreciative of the opportunities to learn and grow professionally at Tesla and for the lessons she had taken away from her time there.  

In her pursuit of employment, she also made use of her LinkedIn network.  

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