The 10 Best Teas To Help Boost Your Metabolism, Burn Fat, And Lose Weight

 You can't argue with the soothing aroma of freshly brewed Earl Grey tea, whether you prefer coffee or tea. The calming effects of this beverage are not its sole purpose, though. Indulging in a mug may also aid in weight loss  

 Women who took green tea extract for 12 weeks lost weight and had a smaller waist circumference, according to a research published in Clinical Nutrition. Green tea extract may have this effect because it drastically reduces the body's lev  

 Green Tea

 Black tea can help you lose weight, but largely owing to caffeine, says Sasso. "The caffeine can help give us a little bit more more energy," adds. You can burn more calories by exercising more with greater energy.  

 Black Tea

 White tea has been examined less than black and green tea, but some research suggests it may aid weight loss. A 2019 study found that white tea extract increased metabolism in mice, reducing fat buildup.  

 White Tea

Herbal teas range from peppermint to chamomile. A cup of ginger tea can't lower belly fat, but Rueven believes gingerol helps with bloating and gas.

Herbal Tea

 Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea. According to a Foods study, shade-grown tea has more antioxidants than regular teas. It's the best green tea available.  

 Matcha Tea

 South African Rooibos tea is herbal. Red rooibos is fermented, but green isn't.  

 Rooibos Tea

 This caffeinated tea boosts metabolism and fat burning, so it may help you burn more energy. According to Food Science and Human Wellness, it may reduce body fat.  

 Oolong Tea

 Mate tea, including Yerba mate, may help you lose weight. Mate can help you lose weight and burn more calories, according to a Journal of Functional Foods study. Another reason to drink it: it lowers cholesterol.  

 Mate Tea

Purple tea is a Kenyan green tea initially developed. Caffeine in purple tea leaves and extract prevents fat absorption, according to a modest International Journal of Biomedical Science study.  

 Purple Tea

 Fermented Pu-Erh tea from Yunnan Province is a popular Asian weight loss treatment. It contains gallic acid and therabrownin  

 Pu-Erh Tea

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