The Ancient World's Most Dangerous Sports

 They say nothing beats a classic. The old world is the most classic for sports. That has varied meanings for different people.  

 The 1980s may seem like a "ancient world" of ridiculous fashions and Rocky movies to some readers.  

 North Americans define "ancient world" as the region around Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean from 3,000 B.C. until Rome's fall in 476 A.D.  

 Sports were more violent back then, and what sportsmen did to win may be deemed criminal today.  

 They suffered broken bones, horrible disfigurement, and death to prove they outclassed other hungry opponents.  

 "Intensity" doesn't capture those times' craziness.   

 We have no better word for ancient sports tests. The most intense ancient sports are included here.  

 For some exceptionally happy campers who aren't reading this, tent-pegging may be a euphemism for what campers do in the woods when they love each other.  

 But tent-pegging is a rapid sport for horsemen who undoubtedly ran with scissors as kids.  

 While their horses run at full speed, riders use swords or lances to remove pegs.  

 This looks like a complicated way to hurt yourself, yet it's beneficial for a Macedonian warrior in the fourth century B.C.  

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