The Arnold Classic showcases drug-enhanced 'freak' physiques despite Schwarzenegger's steroid criticism.  

Federal narcotics agents subpoenaed current and former contestants at California Gov.   

Arnold Schwarzenegger's annual pro bodybuilding competition, highlighting the sport's steroid association.  

Even though Schwarzenegger has said steroids are bad and should be outlawed,...

.....many contestants at his name contest utilize steroids, human growth hormones, and other illegal performance-enhancing medications.  

As he has since he and a partner founded the Arnold Classic in 1989, Schwarzenegger, a seven-time Mr. Olympia champion, will attend the winner's $100,000 prize ceremony on March 5 in Columbus, Ohio.  

The raid during the Columbus, Ohio, competition last March led to the federal  ....

....indictments of 1995 Arnold Classic fifth-place finisher Milos Sarcev and two-time contender Dennis James.  

Sarcev has been linked to Victor Conte, the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative scandal that implicated baseball, football, and track athletes.  

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