When it comes to comfort food, few dishes can beat the grilled cheese sandwich. 

It's the ideal moment to push yourself beyond of your comfort zone and create your own grilled cheese concoctions for even more pleasant dining experiences.  

For sure, Americans enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, as they consumed approximately 2.3 billion in the 12 months ending September 2022.  

There is plenty of room for kitchen experimentation because the majority of them - more than 2.1 billion - were made and consumed at home.  

NPD reports that another 160 million orders were placed at restaurants and retail food service establishments.  

History of the grilled cheese sandwich

The blueprint for what we believe to be the modern grilled cheese sandwich was set into action after J.L. Kraft & Bros. Co., which later became Kraft Foods, began creating processed cheese around 1914.   

"This dish will always be a classic. Incredibly cozy, and practically every culture has their own interpretation on the combo, making it a childhood classic for most."  

Grilled cheese sandwiches evoke memories of childhood, with a parent or grandparent frequently serving up melty goodness alongside a bowl of soup, usually tomato.  

You can even mix butter and mayonnaise. A Bon Appétit dish titled "Best-Ever Grilled Cheese" calls for melted butter in the pan and mayonnaise slathered over the sandwich's exterior.   


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