The Kansas City Chiefs' decision could prevent Travis Kelce from retiring.

Travis Kelce has intimated that he may stay in the league for another five years, following a decision by the Kansas City Chiefs  

The NFL franchise has signed head coach Andy Reid to a new contract, which may convince Kelce to stay.  

Andy Reid is currently the highest-paid coach in the NFL, having won consecutive Super Bowls and cemented his position in the sport's history.   

He will lead his team in an attempt to secure an unprecedented third consecutive triumph.  

Reid's new contract expires after 2029, indicating that he has no plans to retire anytime near.   

Even though there was talk that he might retire if his team won another championship.  

Keeping Coach Reid is already regarded as a huge accomplishment by Chiefs fans in maintaining their strong performance.   

It is also possible that tight end Kelce will stay with the team for an extended period of time.  

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