The ‘Late Night With the Devil’ Team Reveals How They Made a Haunted '70s Set on a Budget 

Indie horror smash “Late Night With the Devil” follows a fake '70s talk show's real-time Halloween program, which swiftly turns insane.   

The film's creators and directors, Australian brothers Cameron and Colin Cairne, were inspired by their youth's after-hours talk shows' thrill and danger.  

“Those late-night shows were very exciting for us as young boys,” says Cameron Cairne.  

Staying up late to watch TV was prohibited, but we did and saw things kids shouldn't.  

We wanted to portray that feeling, the danger of live TV, and its unscripted nature.”  

The trio and their creative team created a period-appropriate U.S. chat show in Melbourne on a budget.   

Production designer Otello Stolfo meticulously examined the late-night shows they wanted to replicate.  

“We started looking at Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett and anything else that was around,” he adds.   

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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