The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Crabs in a Barrel

The desert site is three hours away from Los Angeles on a good day (or five if you take my drive) and the starting price for regular entry passes is $499,   

so getting there requires a lot of time, money, and determination.  

A huge pizza cost campers $65, a cup of black coffee was $10, and White Claws was $16.  

Then there's the cost of lodging, food, and alcohol.   

These are not little expenses to contemplate. Considering the current state of that economy?  

Perhaps the lacklustre roster and the fact that not everyone is up to the task contributed to the low ticket sales this year.   

With the title "Is this the end of Coachella?" published last month in the Daily Beast's curtain-raiser obituary, fans and media alike branded 2024 as a disaster year leading up to the event.  

Attendee here (for free, as journalist, though I gave in to the $16 Claw) and can attest that the Coachella rumors of its extinction are a bit hasty.   

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