‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ on Roku Lacks Novel Excitement and Adventure: TV Review

Fantasy is abundant in “The Spiderwick Chronicles.”  

The TV show features ogres, fetches, and dragons from Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black's popular children's fantasy books and was adapted by Aron Eli Coleite.  

However, this is no fairytale. The sitcom, which Disney+ canceled before landing at Roku, is about family and acceptance.   

Despite being ambitious, the show lacks the playfulness needed to appeal to a new generation of young adults.  

“The Spiderwick Chronicles” opens with a cross-country trip. Jared (Lyon Daniels), Simon (Noah Cottrell), and Mallory (Mychala Lee) Grace leave Brooklyn with their mother, Helen (Joy Bryant), to start over in Henson....

....Michigan, when their parents split. Famous therapist Dr. Dorian Brauer (Christian Slater) will treat Jared, who battles with mental health and behavior.   

Simon and Mallory, who are tired of Jared's pranks, are less positive about the transfer after visiting their great-grandfather's decaying estate.  

When the Graces arrive at their ancestral home, chaos ensues.   

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