These 5 Zodiac signs are more likely to feel depressed.  

Depression is a condition characterized by continuous sadness and a loss of interest/mood that interferes with daily tasks.  

Let's find out which zodiac signs are more prone to feel depressed!  

Those who believe in astrology should be aware that your sun sign has a significant influence on all of your personality traits and life experiences.   

Your sun sign might have a significant impact on your professional choices, happiness, disease, or lethargy.  

Capricorns are gloomy and closed-minded people. Capricorns value expressing their emotions, and failing to do so can lead to significant despair.  


Tauruses are mostly introverts who enjoy staying in their comfort zone. They dislike change in their daily life and want to stick to the same pattern.   


Scorpions are more likely to suffer from depression since they feel deeply and strongly.  


They are the most kind and generous people, with courageous hearts on the exterior and fragile ones on the inside.  


Pisces are typically compassionate and kind people who have a penchant toward martyrdom and self-sacrifice.   


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