These Spring Dinner Ideas Are Breathtaking  

1) Chicken Piccata

Classic lemony chicken is soothing and fresh. The creamy, citrus-flavored cream sauce is so fantastic you'll want to spread it over chicken and pasta!  

2) Bow Tie Pasta Salad

This creamy pasta salad has ham, cheese, bell peppers, and spring peas. Perfect for your next picnic.  

3) Air Fryer Hot Dog 

If springtime brings baseball, these juicy and snappy hot dogs will be your new favourite. Same as at the ballgame, but better!

4) Ham Tetrazzini 

This creamy baked spaghetti dish has ham, mushrooms and green peas, but the crispy breadcrumb topping will keep you coming back!  

5) Lamb Meatballs

For a Mediterranean supper, try these lamb meatballs. Leaner and lighter than beef meatballs, they're excellent with tzatziki sauce and pita!  

6) Salmon Rice Bowls 

These healthy, fast, and tasty bowls are perfect for hectic weeknights. Within 25 minutes, the sweet-and-spicy sauce and roasted salmon emerge.

7) Pasta with Peas 

Hello, salty pancetta (bacon's Italian cousin)! Gives this creamy, cheesy pasta dish tonnes of flavour. It complements spring peas' freshness.  

8) Candied Carrots 

These sweet-and-tangy carrots make the perfect spring side! They're gorgeous for dinner parties and easy for weeknights. Serve them with lamb, steak, hog, or chicken.  

9) Rack of Lamb 

Although it looks elegant, rack of lamb is easy to make! Rub the lamb with a tasty garlic, rosemary, mustard, and honey combination. Helps make that gorgeous crust!  

10) Lemon Pasta 

This fast pasta is usually a success, but in spring it'll signal warm, sunny days. Add a few grinds of black pepper to each plate for added flavour.  

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