THIRTY EIGHT -year-old woman who lost 140 pounds in two years believes eating more items high in protein changed her life. 

Losing weight doesn't require limiting carbs or skipping dessert. A 38-year-old woman of two shed 140 pounds in two years by eating more protein and charting her meals without limiting her favorite foods.  

Andrea Pence decided to change in early summer 2022. The Tennessee homeowner found her habit left her exhausted, with achy joints, and unable to exercise.  

"I was always exhausted. I wasn't aware of my exhaustion and rundown. "I was out of breath walking with knee and back pain," she told Business Insider in a MyFitnessPal interview.  

Pence initially wanted to shed 90 pounds. Pence told BI that she shed 140 pounds, eliminated sleep apnea, and gained energy to workout daily.  

She said using MyFitnessPal to track calories was helpful, but eating extra protein was the game changer. That adjustment kept her fuller longer, so she could eat her favorite meals in moderation.  

Pence said tracking meals showed her she wasn't receiving enough protein and overestimated its importance for hunger management on a weight loss regimen.  

My frustration has caused me to give up before. She stated you're always hungry without results. Protein was 100% crucial. Heavy protein consumption fills you up."  

Her daily protein intake is now approximately 100 grams, within dietitians' recommended 0.7 grams per pound of body weight.  

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