This season, Ja Morant played in nine games. That did not stop people from buying his Grizzlies shirt.  

Ja Morant did not play in the second half of the 2023-24 NBA season. However, people continued to buy his Memphis Grizzlies jersey.  

Morant ranked 11th in the NBA in jersey sales during the second half of the season, according to data given by the NBA on Friday.   

He was also ranked 11th in the first half of the season.  

Steph Curry lead the league in jersey sales for the second straight season. Morant ranked sixth in jersey sales during the 2022-23 season.  

Morant remained in the conversation despite playing only nine games this season.   

He was suspended for the first 25 games for conduct detrimental to the league, but he returned in December and guided the Grizzlies to a 6-3 record when he was available.  

However, during practice, he suffered a shoulder injury that necessitated surgery and ended his season.   

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