Three stars from Thursday's NBA playoff games: Reigning MVP returns to dominance

After two teams discovered fresh playoff life and the Lakers appeared on the verge of death, here are the three stars from Thursday night's NBA playoff games. 

Joel Embiid is battling Bell's palsy and rehabbing from a torn meniscus, leading a club that has lost half of its squad this season and is coming off a heartbreaking loss Monday.  

What better time for Embiid to score 50 points, surpassing his previous career playoff high of 40. He scored three-pointers. He scored within  

He attempted 21 free throws and made 19 of them.  

One game after declaring, "We're going to win this series...we're the better team," Embiid went out and backed it up, bringing the Sixers within 2-1.  

Banchero delivered a great performance in only his third professional postseason game. The Magic didn't score in the first two games of the series,  

so the second-year All-Star decided to take the load in Game Three. He attempted 26 shots and made half of them, including four from deep.  

What was most amazing about Banchero and his fellow young star, Franz Wagner, was their combined 13 assists.  

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