Three Zodiac Signs Who Discover A Bad Friend On April 12  

On April 12, 2024, three zodiac signs will end unhealthy friendships.  

We have a Mercury-influenced Moon square Mars transit, which indicates that something will end, and properly so.  

Three zodiac signs investigate one of their friendships, only to realize that not only is something wrong, but that this 'wrongness' cannot be allowed any longer.  

We let rid of a buddy who we believe is toxic because we know that if we continue to interact with them, they will try to drag us down with them.  

As pleasant as you are, you have made many friends. Who can blame them for loving you? While being polite, empathic, and considerate, you are also a hilarious and lively presence at any party. 


You have struggled with limits or never set them, and you may not know how. You will need to set clear boundaries with a pal. 


How many lessons it takes before you realize the truth of certain connections will remind you that you were again duped by a buddy. 


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