Tim McGraw’s ‘One Bad Habit’ Music Video Celebrates Nearly Three Decades of Love with Faith Hill

The recently released “One Bad Habit” music video depicts Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's love journey. 

The music video features McGraw's performance clips and touching home footage and photos from his nearly three-decade relationship with Hill, revealing their love story.

The three-minute movie features footage from the couple's music videos and on-stage experiences. Celebrity kisses longtime love at music video's end. 

McGraw commented on the clip on social media, responding to a photo of the couple from their early relationship. McGraw still loves his wife after all these years.

The beauty and the beast shot is right there! This woman is lovely! My god, what’s she doing with that guy? he said as he mocked himself in the photo. 

“One Bad Habit” is a tribute to Hill, and the music video matches. McGraw, 56, compares his defects to his meek girlfriend in the song. They complement each other, and he hopes she never leaves her "One Bad Habit," him.    

I drink whiskey more than she does. He says in the first line, "She don't sit on old bar stools, but I do/ I don't worry about where she's been/ I'm the only trouble she gets in/ She don't have tattoos on her skin, but I do." 

Because I'm her wild side/ The one insane thing she does/ I hope she never quits me/ I hope she never gives me up/ I'm far from perfect. I curse every curse word, man. I'm the only hell she'll raise/The one terrible habit I hope she never breaks.” 

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