Tom Brady 'not opposed' to NFL return with playoff-bound 49ers. 

The tales surrounding the San Francisco 49ers and Tom Brady seem to be coming to an end, but the future Hall of Fame quarterback drops another nugget of information that ignites debate. 

On "DeepCut with VicBlends," the host questioned Brady about what he would do if the NFL called again.

VicBlends asked Brady if he would think about playing again if the 49ers, or any other team headed for the playoffs, needed him.  

Brady stated, "I'm not opposed to it," according to Jordan Mendoza of USA Today.

"I'm not sure if they'll allow me take over an NFL team as an owner. I'm not sure, but I'll always be in good physical condition and able to toss the ball."  

One of the teams Brady highlighted as possible destinations for a comeback is the Las Vegas Raiders, of which he is on course to become a minority owner. The New England Patriots were the other.  

Of the three teams discussed, the 49ers have the best chance of being set up for a lengthy postseason run. 

The 49ers are one of the favorites to make it to the Super Bowl the following season because of their strong roster and recent Super Bowl run. In the meantime, the Raiders and Patriots have among of the lowest chances in the NFL.  

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