Tom Holland Reveals 'Spider-Man 3' Trailer, Mask Message  

November 7, Washington, US (ANI): Tom Holland, an English actor, recently gave fans a sneak peek at "Spider-Man 3."  

The 24-year-old British actor posted a behind-the-scenes picture of himself costumed as the character on Instagram on Friday (local time). A white face mask was also seen on the actor. 

With the message, "Wear a mask, I'm wearing two...," Holland urged followers to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in light of the coronavirus epidemic. 

To the surprise of many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was announced last year that Spider-Man will not be departing the MCU anytime soon, as reported by Fox News. 

Sony Pictures Entertainment and The Walt Disney firms managed to work together again following a public spat in August 2019. The firms announced that they would be collaborating once more to make the third 'Spider-Man' movie starring Holland. 

Much to the dismay of many fans who had enjoyed seeing Spider-Man battle alongside "The Avengers," 

Fox News reports that disagreements over the profit-sharing mechanism have cast question on the future of "The Spider-Man" series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The Hollywood Reporter claims that the film will be released in December 2021, which is five months after its original release date. (ANI)  

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