Top 3 Most Intuitive/Psychic Zodiac Signs

Humans perceive the world using five senses: taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight. However, some people have a sixth sense, which is commonly described as a strong connection to their intuition.   

This perception is difficult to articulate, but it is distinguished by a profound understanding of oneself, others, and the environment around us, and it is founded on an inner emotion.  

While everyone has the ability to connect profoundly with their intuition, three characteristics stand out when it comes to psychic ability.   

These signs make great buddies and are constantly giving of their energy to others.   

They give insightful guidance and are recognized for not passing judgment – they see the people they care about for who they truly are,   

with depth that most people can never achieve. This is because they are guided by their intuition and planets that signify emotion, awakening, and dreams.  

The moon, which regulates our souls, rules Cancers. Thus, this zodiac sign may deeply empathize with others. Cancerians' intuition is so strong and constantly communicating that they can't hide their emotions.  


Scorpios are one of the most misunderstood signs. They actually prefer it. The known mystics are ruled by Pluto, which symbolizes darkness and awakening.  


Pisces, the last sign in the Zodiac, can absorb the energy of all the preceding signs, giving them sage-like wisdom and maturity. Additionally, Pisces are ruled by Neptune, the Roman God of the Seas, who symbolizes creativity, dreams, and imagination.   


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