Top 4 Zodiac Signs Struggling With Self-Encouragement

It is imperative that you have faith in yourself if you wish to realize your most ambitious goals.  

It is normal to experience self-doubt; however, if you allow it to spiral out of control,   

it has the potential to entirely crush your self-assurance and your motivation to keep going.   

In spite of the fact that they have the potential to do anything their heart desires,   

the following zodiac signs have a difficult time finding the motivation to promote themselves:  

Even though you're the first to support friends' goals, you struggle with self-encouragement. You can't treat yourself as well as you do others. That must alter shortly.   


You struggle with self-encouragement since you keep thinking about failing. You remember instances when success was so close you could taste it yet you failed and were disappointed.   


Being a realist makes self-encouragement difficult. Trying to analyze the situation logically means you may fail. Sometimes you must ignore the statistics and follow your heart.   


You struggle with self-affirmation while being one of the zodiac's hardest workers. Some days you wonder if your dreams will come true or if you're just wasting your time and misleading yourself. It's alright to doubt.   


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