Top 4 Zodiacs Who Always Act As Lucky Charms For Their Soulmates


Lucky Jupiter rules Sagittarius, who are lucky charms. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, bringing possibilities, riches, and achievement. This fits Sagittarius people, who live life to the fullest, seek new experiences, and add warmth to all their interactions.  


Neptune (discovered in 1846) and Jupiter (Pisces' ancient ruler) dominate Pisces. Jupiter, like Sagittarius, gives Pisces many opportunities and success in all fields.   


Venus rules Libras, therefore love, seduction, and nurturing are in their DNA. Libra soulmates make thoughtful and loyal partners. Libras, one of the zodiac's most giving signs, like to share their wealth with their partner.  


Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus like Libra. Venus helps Taurus develop a great love for life and its gifts in various ways. Taureans love cooking, gardening, painting, and other hands-on activities because they are grounded.  


The planet of love, Venus, rules Taurus like Libra. Venus fosters a deep love for life and its gifts in Tauruses in various ways. Taureans are practical and enjoy working with their hands, therefore they enjoy cooking, gardening, painting, etc.  

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