'Tortured Poets' Breaks Record for Weekly Vinyl Sales in Three Day

Taylor Swift Sells 700,000 LPs Over a Weekend, Breaking Weekly Vinyl Sales Record.

Although it may be inauspicious to bring up the topic of "breaking records" in relation to vinyl albums,

it is impossible to avoid doing so when discussing Taylor Swift, the contemporary queen of vinyl. During the weekend,

she sold 700,000 LP copies of "The Tortured Poets Department," shattering her own record for the highest vinyl album sales in a week—all in only three days.

With seven-day sales of 693,000 copies, Swift's October release "1989 (Taylor's Version)" was the previous record-holder. Swift surpassed her own recent peak, according to Billboard.

Who was the previous record holder before "1989" overtook it last year? Also Swift, I bet you. 

Released in October 2022 on what felt like an astounding 570,000 copies of the LP format, "Midnights" broke the record for weekly vinyl sales.

It takes you back five months before "Midnights" to discover someone other than Taylor Swift who was establishing the record for most weekly records; at the time, it was Harry Styles, whose "Harry's House" sold 372,000 vinyl copies in its first week, who had the highest registered total.

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