Travis Kelce graduates college with his brother Jason.

The brothers both previously completed their degrees but neither was able to attend a graduation ceremony to receive their diplomas.  

The Kelce brothers brought their podcast to their alma institution this week, and the live broadcast finished with a surprise:  

Travis and Jason Kelce returned to the university on Thursday night to record a live episode of their podcast, "New Heights," in front of thousands of fans at Fifth Third Arena.  

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the brothers received their diplomas from University of Cincinnati President Neville Pinto,  

Travis Kelce drank an entire beer after hugging Pinto but before grabbing his diploma while The Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right" played over the arena's speakers.  

According to the institution, Jason Kelce attended UC between 2006 and 2010, and Travis Kelce from 2008 to 2012.   

The siblings played football for the school and shared the field for two years because their studies overlapped.  

Travis Kelce finished his outstanding credits to complete his degree in interdisciplinary studies from the College of Arts and Sciences in 2022. 

"Congratulations to Travis and Jason on (finally) picking up their diplomas! 


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