Trick Williams Wins WWE NXT Championship, Unseats Ilja Dragunov At Spring Breakin'

In the main event of the first night of "WWE NXT's" Spring Breakin' special, 

Trick Williams emerged victorious over Ilja Dragunov and went on to win the NXT Championship, securing his position as the new brand ambassador. 

It was Williams' fourth attempt to win the championship against Dragunov, 

with the former champion requiring Williams to quit "NXT" in the event of a loss. Williams was able to secure the victory with a Trick Shot following a night of video packages featuring social media support for him,

appearances by players from the main squad, and even a call to his mother, who is presently hospitalized.

Despite both men giving each other vicious chops, Dragunov controlled the opening half of the battle. 

During one point in the fight, Williams was able to kick out and build momentum while Dragunov ran coast-to-coast. Williams gave Dragunov a Torpedo Moscow and an H-Bomb, but the former champion kicked out after matching his own moves twice.

Williams blasted Dragunov into the announce desk and got him up on the barricade outside the ring. 

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