Trump is "gonna be president again," according to 50 Cent, the rapper.

Over 12 million followers heard 50 Cent admit on X this week that he thinks former President Trump will be president again.  

The rapper, whose true name is Curtis James Jackson III, also predicted that the world is “almost over,” so we can relax.  

The musician also uploaded an AI video of Trump exaggerating Diddy's involvement in a federal human trafficking probe that raided his properties in recent days.  

Jackson posted on Tuesday morning, writing, “The world’s almost over so what are we worried about,” with a guy shrugging emoji.  

“Whoever made this is f—– up,” he said of the AI-manipulated former president video.   

He said, “I think Trump’s gonna be president again, but I’m not gonna say that.”  

The AI Trump video overlayed an old Trump interview with an explosive diatribe.  

The false digital Trump voice shouted, “Puffy, Puffy, Puffy, you stupid a– n—-, I told you stop f—— with R. Kelly, I said, ‘Grab them in the p—-,’ don’t kidnap the p—-.”  

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