Watch Travis Kelce Interrupt Taylor Swift's Cooking Video With a Huge Ki

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are Instagram YouTube Short pros. Taylor included home footage of her and Travis in a beautiful new video, with him kissing her on the cheek while she cooks and them enjoying Singapore (Travis visited her on tour!).  

Battery power is crucial for outdoor hunting. You only have what you carry back. As our smartphones have become our main GPS units, I don't bother with battery energy.  

Taylor appears to dedicate "Alchemy" and "So High School." to Travis on The Tortured Poets Department. Just dropping some of our favorite Trav lyrics for us to admire:  

These guys heat benches. Currently winning streak He quips, “It’s heroin, but with an E.”Because the sign on your heart  

says it's reserved for me. Who dares oppose alchemy? And! Shirtless, pals raise you over their heads With beer on the floor, cheers chanted,  

There was no chance trying to be the greatest in the league." The trophy where? He rushes to me.  

I'm watching American Pie with you Saturday night. Friends are around, so be quiet. I'm trying to hold back my sighs.I feel high school every time I see you,  

Will you marry, kiss, or kill me? Kill me I bet on all three for us two, even though it's just a game. Nice, get my car door. (That sweet) Pull me to the backseat No one has captured me like you.  

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