We try lip reading Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Coachella 

everyone, including their mothers, has been charmed by their antics.   

Most recently, the power couple was seen having a phat bender at Coachella, complete with PDA, inebriated moments,  

Now, a TikTok lip reader has attempted to decode what the pop sensation told her NFL boyfriend during their wild weekend.  

Swifties have been swamped with Travis and Taylor content over the last week, following the couple's weekend together at Coachella Week 1  

The amusing clip truly represented Trav Trav and Tay Tay in full goblin mode, which I like for her.  

lip-read a few of Tay and Trav's encounters in the desert in an attempt to uncover what the famous power couple were discussing during their love fest.  

"Check on your Swifties, we're not okay," the caption reads on Jackie's TikTok, which has had over 320.1k views.  

Before we get into the hilarious tea, Jackie included a caution at the bottom of the caption, stating that "lip reading is not a reliable form of communication, all statements are alleged."   

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