What Does May's Flower Moon Mean for Your Zodiac Sign?  

Many of the nicknames used to designate full moons have historically derived from "Native American, Colonial American, or other traditional North American sources passed down through generations," according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.  

Just as April's Pink Moon heralded the bloom of the wildflower Phlox subulata, May's moon is called after all of the other flowers that bloom   

North America during that time of year. Other names include Budding Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Frog Moon, Leaf Budding Moon, Planting Moon, and Moon of Shedding Ponies.  

A penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the full moon of May moves deep into the outer part of Earth's shadow.   

Although it is not a blood moon lunar eclipse (when the moon turns red), skywatchers can expect to see a faint shadow thrown on it as it reaches its peak at 10:22 a.m. PT.  

According to astronomer Kyle Thomas, May's full moon has a "powerful" position in this month's zodiac calendar, appearing at 14 degrees of Scorpio.  

In fact, Thomas—known for his cosmic advise for celebrities, corporate executives, and significant influencers—tells PEOPLE  

Because Thomas says it's eclipse season! "Lunar eclipses often bring their momentous news on the day of the event, within the week  

Scroll on to find out what the May full moon could imply for you depending on your zodiac sign, as suggested by Thomas!  

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