When Each Movie and Spinoff Takes Place in the John Wick Series

Chronologically, the John Wick films and their sequels have been out for more than a decade, but the in-universe history is very different. 

In 2014, Chad Stahelski's action series, which includes the next Ballerina movie starring Ana de Armas and The Continental television spinoff,   

caught the globe by storm and brought Keanu Reeves back to celebrity status as the expert assassin John Wick.  

The series' extensive narrative and world-building, which include mysterious cabals, 

the High Table and its unknown participants, as well as The Continental and other hotels for hired murderers, have been expanded upon in each episode. 

With rumours circulating that Reeves will star in John Wick Chapter 5, the John Wick movie series may continue in earnest for a few of more years.  

John Wick offers great material for storylines that go beyond John Wick's scheme for vengeance against the High Table, which was supposed to be resolved in John Wick: Chapter 4. Stahelski has ideas for at least nine John Wick films, 

demonstrating this. Here is the chronological timeline provided in the movies and spin-offs, as well as how it relates to the storylines that revolve around Baba Yaga's pursuit for vengeance and the preservation of his wife's memory.  

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