Why did Saitama lose his hair in One Punch Man?  

Saitama, the bald-headed protagonist of One Punch Man, did not always look as he does now. Discover how Saitama manages his hair-free lifestyle.  

One Punch Man's humor distinguishes it from other shonen anime, with Saitama making jokes that have the audience in stitches.  

Saitama's unique route to becoming a superhero includes a funny training program and the sacrifice of his hair for ultimate power.  

Despite his baldness, Saitama develops superhuman abilities and becomes a symbol of hope, possessing capabilities that make him invincible and lightning-fast.  

Despite the numerous instances of conflict and bloodshed, One Punch Man's comedy succeeds where most shonen anime fail: it becomes the focal point of the tale.  

This does not detract from any of the serious events that occurred in the first few seasons, but the laughs continue to pour out and entertain the series' growing following.   

At the heart of it all, One Punch Man's main character, Saitama, is the leader of the shonen humor, as he offers quips and one-liners that aren't supposed to be taken as jokes, but the delivery of his lines has the audience in stitches.  

From being able to overcome any opponent thrown his way with a single punch to spending half an episode chasing down an annoying mosquito, One Punch Man's humorous delivery is what sets it apart.  

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