Why the Cowboys should bring back RB Ezekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys and former running back Ezekiel Elliott "mutually interest" in getting back together this offseason, according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. 

In light of that, the Cowboys should bring back Elliott for the following three reasons. 

Elliott's wearing a New England Patriots helmet for the 2023 season, following seven seasons as the iconic Cowboys standout, never seemed right. 

If the Cowboys let the 28-year-old to return home, they can make up for that injustice and he should appropriately end his NFL career there. 

Since he's only been gone for a year, the players and staff make up the vast majority of the squad.

Most significantly, since the Cowboys cut the former first-round pick last offseason, Elliott already has a bond with quarterback Dak Prescott, who has referred to him as a brother and "best friend." 

There's almost anything bad about a return to Arlington, other than the fact that Elliott becomes the starting back. 

Even if Elliott makes a comeback, the Cowboys, who own seven picks in this year's NFL Draft, would probably use one of those picks on a running back. 

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